J. André de Barros Teixeira


The H(uman)MBA

Lessons from the Classics of Literature
and Philosophy you don’t learn in business

Imagine that the impact of your actions was directly related to the human values you put into them. Now… imagine that you could be successful as a manager, remaining human and without necessarily being misunderstood or hated, or both.

This is what you will find in “The H(uman)MBA”, where you can get answers to remain human when all the demands tend to be so inhuman.

And… best of all? As a manager or leader you will continue to be successful, results-oriented, focused on the bottom line, deliver on shareholders’ expectations etc., etc. and, at the same time, keep your sanity, your life in balance, continuing to grow, being sensitive to other people’s aspirations and positioning yourself in the world at large, in a way that the social impact of your presence goes beyond just the immediacy of business results.

Inspirations you don´t learn in business schools but demonstrate how you can go from “good to great” and still be good at the end.
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Other perspectives:


“…a different light on our traditional norms and (professional) behaviours, (…) acts as a stronghold for those wanting to grow more authentic and in search of humanity…”.

BIE DE GRAEVE, AMS Corporate Membership Network, Antwerp Management School, University of Antwerp, Belgium.

“…from personal growth to managing dilemmas, coping with failure, the power of experience, there is no single building block in the book that you cannot relate to, be inspired, and be guided by…”

MASSIMO GARBUIO, PhD, Associate Professor, The University of Sydney Business School, Sydney, Australia.

“…This great book could only have been written by a person who deeply understands human chemistry, what makes people better, unique, and different. (…)

PHILLIPPE MARMARA, Senior Partner, SVP, Globalpraxis, Barcelona, Spain.

“…this book helps you understand the values of a meaningful leadership and prepares you to make courageous and authentic decisions….”

LILIA MAIA DE MORAIS SALES, Professor, Researcher, and Vice-President of Graduate Programs, University of Fortaleza, Brazil.

 The Author

As an executive, vice-president, president and general manager,
J. André de Barros Teixeira pursued a very rich career in six continents. His experience was built in multinationals such as Coca-Cola, Campbell’s, Interbrew, and Goodman Fielder; an expert consultant for Globalpraxis; and in government scientific research with CSIRO, in areas ranging from R&D and innovation to operations, business, general management, and technology commercialization, as well as consulting in innovation and as an entrepreneur in startups in Europe, all of them with a solid humanistic perspective. Board member at different businesses in the USA and Europe, he is a former chairman of the board of the International School of Brussels, where he is now an honorary trustee. With a multidisciplinary background in Philosophy, Chemistry, Food Science, and Business, André is the author of “The H(uman)MBA”, a humanistic management and leadership development program based on the Classics.